The financing has completed …

… finally, all signatures have been made, all confirmations have been written and all documents have been verified successfully!

Now,we have to wait until early November, before the payout takes place. This takes so long because direct debits and co can be easily repurchased and to not have to worry about all these details of the payments, the entire amount is passed to me only after the deadline.

This does not mean that we will not do anything until then! The next prototype is on the road and the boards are ordered. I hope that at the end of the week I can announce some news!

The last few days a question of whether one could still get involved was asked a lot:
Yes, but only when all the others have got their Testseries blueReader. So if the Testseries are produced and shipped, I will look at how many devices are still available. For those there will be a form here on the pages, from which the last ones can be ordered.
The same also applies to the Series blueReader. As soon as the first series is produced and shipped, I will again offer the remaining devices.

After the first series production there will be a normal ordering system on the product side.

a glance…

… at the next prototype:

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-09-55-02 screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-09-54-45 screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-09-54-36That’s what we have in mind for the next round.

Slimmer, smaller, more integrated, and with a flexible antenna, integrated into the mainboard!

Currently we are working with full force to finish the circuit design and eventually by the end of the next week we can test the new design…

it continues…

The campaign is over, now I have to wait…

With 28.610 euros the campaign was supported by you! Startnext will now  start collecting the money from all who have paid by direct debit and credit card. If everything goes well and not too many failed bookings occur due to exceeded accounts, I will be notified in the next days from Startnext and after the collections is finished the money will get paid out to me. According to Startnext, this may take up to 14 days …

Meanwhile, a look at the data behind the campaign is worthwhile:

  • 151 people have contributed an average of 189.47 euros to the success.
  • 5,866 visits have been counted in this blog and 10,020 articles have been read.
  • After payment fees, 27,465.60 euros should be paid out by Startnext.

This was the course of the support:

  • Yellow are the minimum 24,000 euros, distributed linearly over all days of the campaign
  • Green is the accumulated support
  • Blue is the sum of each day

What can be read from those numbers?

  1. A lot of interested people supported the campaign in the first days.
  2. After this first wave, it became quiet.
  3. Shortly before the first end date, some of them quickly showed their support.
  4. With the Extension, some smaller amounts were pledged, but not enough to come close to the 24,000.
  5. Only four days before the final end and after the reduction of the amount to 24,000 euros, from the actually hoped 33,000 euros, another Spike occurred, like first the first end date.
  6. Three days before the end, the sum was reached.
  7. The last two days before the end, almost 6,000 euros were pledged additionally.

I’ve learned that you need a damn thick skin to go through such a campaign. You need to be present in media, have access to a huge network  and a lot of patience and time to answer personal and promptly as many inquiries as possible to sell such an idea!

But so far it was definitely worthy new experience! Usually I have fixed orders, with fixed, pre-determined, budget, or hour / day / week-related billing.

Even if it is not yet clear when exactly the money will come and what sums will be missing, today we will continue to plan the next prototype!

A huge thank you to all of you! I am very happy that it worked and that it worked so well!


The first Step is made…

… the project will continue!

A huge thank you to all supporters who have shown their support for the campaign and making it a success.

For all who have not yet ordered a device via There are still available test series devices! You can still be one of the first to get a blueReader!

Every euro that is now spend on the campaign is helping us to drive mass production more quickly and at lower risk. It would be wonderful if we were to come to the originally estimated 33,000 euros, but also with 24,000 euros we will be reday within our set time frame!

I would also like to thank the numerous participants in . You are mad! In the good meaning, as in the crazy 😉 Without your support, your help and your feedback, I would never have been able to come so far!

How does it go from here?

  1. Antenna test:
    Next week the first V2 prototypes with the final antennas are scheduled to run. Then we will learn more about the minimum size of the blueReader and other options for the further development.
  2. Development of V2.2 prototypes:
    We still need these prototypes to look at how small we can make the board and whether it is possible to integrate the antenna directly into the board for loading the device.
  3. Software:
    The next step in the software will be the first presentable version of the iOS software. At the same time I will continue with the optimizations in the firmware to get even more runtime from a battery charge.

I will try to announce any progress as soon as possible to and I will try to explain things that way that a studying electrical engineering or computer science is not required to understand what I am talking about here 🙂

In summary, it remains exciting, even if the first major and important step has now been successfully mastered and the further funding stands!

so close…

…and yet so far away…

At the moment, there is less then 4,000 euros missing to complete the project! Still almost 3 days left to support the project!

How can I encourage you to collect the remaining amount?

Maybe if I tell you what you get, again:

  • Anyone who supports me with at least 160 euros gets a blueReader!
  • Every blueReader, whether testseries or series, comes in a box, which contains a short documentation along with the blueReader. This documentation contains a brief summary of how the device works and how to use it and where to find updates, the source code, and the apps.
  • Every blueReader, including the testseries, will be fully usable, it will be ingrained into medical silicone, have a built-in battery, talk to NFC devices like the Libre sensor and have a wireless charging adapter.
  • The test series also have an extended warranty, if something does not fit, we replace it!
  • I am working on the integration for iOS and Android. For both platforms, there will be apps that you can, hopefully easily, install. With Android, it is without question possible, Apple always hangs something from Apple’s grace, but I am confident and have already brought many projects to the App Store.

Are you missing something? What can I offer you? Please let me know!

Check out Share this post and hope with me that it will still work!

The last week…

Now the last week of fundraising begins …

This time there will be no more extensions! But will it work? I hope so…

What happened the last week in the project?

We have put a lot energy into the planning and looked at how we can still save money:

We need only one more prototype (version 2.2), because we have found most problems and errors in the design with current prototypes (version 2).
It was actually planned to have up to 3 more prototypes prior to be able to produce the final device for the testseries.

What will change with version 2.2?

This prototype will have an integrated antenna in the mainboard, a flexible and optimized NFC antenna optimized for the application and even a smaller mainboard than the prototype 2. In addition, we are putting a few extra parts on the board to be able to save even more power.

Oh yes power saving, there was something …

Currently I’m still looking at what other options I have to save even more energy. Unfortunately, the experiments had suffered some setbacks as I destroyed my two prototypes (version 2) in the experiments. Now I’m waiting for new prototypes to finally be able to measure the runtime achievable through the software optimization.


Currently I use again a quite earlier variant (the one  shown in the article “klobiger geht immer…” , sorry no english translation), but with the current software. Even this huge sized does not bother me in the day-to-day life, however it is quite different from the version 2 prototypes …

What is the meaning of all of this for the project?

Instead of 33,000 euros we now only estimate 24,000 EUR! So 9,000 euros less than we originally planned and thus we are only 6,000 euros instead of 15,000 euros away from a successful financing!

Now I have to adjust the amount on Startnext and lets hope that there will be enough future supporters to reach the remaining amount!

Until then, share and liked please all the project, so that it still has a chance to be financed!