eureka (Part 2)…

Today is again a very good day for the project:

  1. The money from Startnext has finally arrived!
    Now I can safely pay for everything, and the engineer has also calmed down as his payments can now occur.
  2. My engineer is also no longer worried for another reason. We have a matching antenna and the corresponding circuits!

That’s what it looks like:

img_0464 img_0463

So we are almost at the testseries!
What’s missing:

  • wireless loading has to be optimized
  • the lipo has to be chosen
  • the board should get round corners

More to that in the next days!

And to show you something in action, a little video…
The current prototype has installed a testfirmware which Scans for a sensor (red led lightning). If a sensor is found reading it, calculating the current value, and transmitting it via bluetooth. The calculation on this sensor is naturally garbage, as the this sensor has been deactivated for some time, but it works also on my current sensor 🙂

For that: eureka for the second time this week!


Heureka (Part 1)…

Finally it goes on …

I hope this time further then the next corner or edge to come over again.

  1. Today I spoke with the payment service provider SecuPay and the money is now on the way. Why I no longer get information from Startnext know only the gods or ghosts …
  2. I have a new prototype for further development, more prototypes are being used to determine the final antenna.

This is what the current boards look like:

img_0454 img_0455

Equipped, wired, and ready for test I currently perform like this:


This is really tiny and not free from problems … The components are so small that we are at our limits when soldering them. For example, my prototype can not switch off just because of a defective component … but these are not problems which can keep us from further progress 🙂

For me it goes now along with the programming of the firmware. My prototype can already read the data from tags and transfer it to a mobile phone. Now it is mostly about making the software “beautiful” with features like:

  • Security of connection with the mobile phone
  • updates from the mobile
  • Android and iOS libraries and examples

As soon as the antenna works and the firmware can safely update, the first attempts will be made to encase first devices and send them of to you… Heureka


The long wait…

The wait… … for what?

  1. For the transaction from Startnext. The Money should be on the way. The bills are waiting for it 🙂
  2. For the next Prototype. That should not take much longer. A few details I can share for now:screen-shot-2016-11-07-at-21-33-57 br-proto-v0-2-0What you see here is one of the most compact Layouts we can currently manage to produce. The second picture shows the new wireless charging coil and how tiny the whole board has become.

Currently the Engineer is working on the assembly of the boards and I hope that I will hold the first ones soon in my hands.

What has apparently still changed: The antenna is not attached to the board for now. We need more tests for proper circuit Tuning before we can decide to attach the antenna to the board.

Hopefully, I will be able to give you more information shortly. Now it is all about one thing… waiting