A small update to the current status:

  1. The start of the production is almost finished ūüôāAt the moment, I produce housing parts and blanks for casting molds so that we can now pour very quickly a larger quantity of devices.Every 20 minutes one housing and two forms are finished.
  2. I have made progress on the attachment
    This is¬†the result¬†ūüôā Currently we try¬†with silicone waste¬†whether it works better from plastic or silicone. As soon as we are¬†able to make a decision, I will¬†show the different variants and what we think is the best solution.
  3. Magnets The first devices with magnets have gone into the test. Everything works great, but the devices are about 1mm thicker than the devices without magnets. It is strong enough to handle most everyday situations, but you can easily loose it while handling a backpack or by turning in your bed.
  4. I am currently working on the order system with high pressure
    It should have been online since the weekend, but I also underestimated this task…

What is next?

Once the order page is online, all supporters of the Crowdfunding Campaign will be able to order their blueReader. First the one who ordered prototypes and then the people who ordered series devices.

Every person can freely choose whether they prefer a series or prototype blueReader (or mixed, if you have paid for several).

In addition, the rest has the possibility to pre-register for devices. This is not a binding purchase! Once the requested devices are ready, you will be given the option to pay them via the website (via PayPal).

At the end of the path…

Starts a new journey!

Over 100 parts were printed, cast, baked, polished and discarded…

Finally we got a result:

That was a long way!

I would also like to thank all those who have given me tips, offered help and provided me with their expertise! You are great!

What is next?

  1. Casing, deburring of many more cases and gluing with circuit board…
  2. Finalize the rest of the software…
  3. Bring the order page online for you!

At the same time, the engineer is working on the casting¬†of the blueReader. There, too, was some progress in the method used. Now I’m waiting for the first colors and the ones with magnets!

My first “blue” blueReader I just wear with great pleasure. After a few minutes of the first wearing, it¬†fell directly into the water … As promised, it does not matter to it, of course. Since then, I have been showering every day with this on the arm … Unfortunately, this also cost the life of a prototype, which was not in silicone and¬†which I wore¬†to the bridge¬†the loading time‚Ķ

The charging time is approximately 1.5 hours, if the blueReader is completely empty, until it is again at 100% battery.

Here are the first 17 modules, 15 of them with the production firmware (for testing the antenna and charging). Two were unfortunately not yet fully functional and have to be reworked.

Hopefully we can send the remaining 15 directly next week now (of course, finished and in silicone!) ūüôā