Forward, backward, upwards!

It continues…

A few new attempts for a holder for the night or sport are finished and almost all have missed the mark… Still the pile is not as big as with the charger cases.

Finally, one good result was finished in the end: In comparison again to the best prototype so far:And on my arm: After one night is the best one I have done so far. The sensor is not under pressure, but the blueReader is also safely kept in place, even against the evil forces of the bedspread and turning around. One of the first long nights (with turning around 5 times around in the bed) where no alarm came because of missed values!

Also the production of the housing goes ahead: One housing after another falls out of mold and after Easter it will have the first completely finished chargers.

With the rest, I’m still waiting for parts again, but after Easter it should go on there too! Currently over 100 blueReaders are in the different production steps 🙂

Another update…

Today a little more relaxed update from me…

Now that the ordering system is online and I have cleared many big and small things, it goes on with fresh strength!
Only 28 coupons are not used yet!

Currently, about 100 blueReader are in production and will be shipped in the next few weeks. As soon as we have a device ready, and it has passed all tests, an email will be sent to the recipient that their order is now processed and thus can not be changed. Until then, you can decide as often as you like, the coupon key is tracked through orders and cancellations!

The charger has also a few news: Since I was just preparing new molds, I came up with the idea of ​​not printing in plastic but wood … Well not real wood, but wood filament which reminds more of pressboard than of wood, but it smells good:  At first sight it looks not so great, but you can grind it and fill with wood glue 🙂

The final prototype made of plastic generated this result:
especially on the inside it looks quite rough.

The wooden mold with wood glue smoothed and polished: 

Already better, but also not quite the maximum…

But wood can be painted, much better than the printed plastic: now the sides cast reflections too and it finally looks as I imagined. Even the silicone shape makes a completely different impression:

The only pity: I already had about 40 cases prepared, but they go now into the garbage, the new cases are just so much nicer and the expenditure for the production of the housing is also not so high (stir, pour, wait, demold)!

It took me a long time…

It took much too long to my taste, but now all coupons are send to the supporter!

Please check if you got your key and if not, please contact me with your full name and the email address where you registered with startnext at

The first devices are now in production and we hope to get about 80 devices ready before Easter and get them into shipping. Then my engineer will have 2 weeks of holiday … this seems necessary 🙂

The stone…

…which blocked my way for long enough is finally rolling!

Because of the two companies and the amount of unfinished tasks in both I have suffered considerably under burn out in the last weeks :/

But now I have progressed on many tasks and here we go again!

The order page is available now 😀

You can now pre-order blueReader at ! All participants in the Crowdfunding campaign will get their keys starting tomorrow to order their devices!

The allocation will be made according to a very simple principle:

  1. First the supporters get the devices they order.
  2. If one variety is available in excess, the pre-orders get the possibility to buy the blueReaders.
  3. Every blueReader costs 225 EUR, including shipping and taxes.

So much for today, tomorrow is all about the keys and later I have more details about the software, apps and all the rest 🙂