Another status update

With today’s ready-packed devices, now 34 blueReaders have been shipped and actually one has already been exchanged.

All who are waiting now: It’s going forward! Every day we are getting slightly better, find new details in production and continue to optimize!

Actually, we had hoped for 5-10 devices a day, but unfortunately we do not make it yet :/ Why?


  • Problems in potting and a possibly poor batch of silicone have generated almost 30 damaged blueReaders we needed to unpack and prepare for another round..
  • Due to too much use of release agents during soldering, components on almost 20 boards were damaged, all had to be checked manually and defective components replaced.
  • Poor pigments have led to bleed out of colors from some blueReaders.
  • A few changed details in the components of the blueReader, which help us to improve the current flow while charging, required a revision on nearly 40 blueReader boards and almost all wireless loader boards that had already been manufactured.

So as always: plenty to do 🙂

Also at the software I am still working on, unfortunately still not completely presentable, but hopefully more in the next days …

The current state is that we still have problems with few devices on Android 7. However, it is still not quite clear whether there are errors in xDrip+ or the Android or something else. But we’re working on it!

folge dem Wert…

Heute erreichten mich auch nachfragen zu dem Thema:

Wie kann ich die Werte auf einem anderen Gerät verfolgen?

Für ein lokales Netzwerk geht das recht einfach zwischen zwei Android Handys. Dazu einfach einen Blick in die Video-Anleitung von jamorhan werfen:

Wenn es auch über das Internet gehen soll oder mit iOS, dann muss man Nightscout benutzen. Ein Diabetes-Management-System in der Cloud. Eine ausführliche deutsche Anleitung gibt es unter zu finden, inklusive des Einrichtens der xDrip-App um die Daten in die Cloud zu bekommen. Für die iOS-blueReader-App wird dies analog sein.

Um den Daten dann zu folgen gibt es neben der eigenen NightScout-Webseite auch verschiedene Apps:

Beispiele für iOS:

Beispiele für Android:

A little more…

Today, I received first alerts, as there are maybe Android 7 related problems. Unfortunately, I can not yet explain anything, since we have a mobile where it works without any problems and a another mobile where no stable connection seems possible. Apparently it is connected to the greater errors in the Android 7 regarding bluetooth connectivity, but as soon as I find something more accurate, I will report: /

Something about the Software…

Now that the first 16 devices are shipped, it is also time to write something about the software:

Currently there is an integration for Android in the quite popular xDrip-plus, which is developed by outstanding people completely OpenSource.

The current releases of xDrip + are available here:

Once the app is installed, select the “LimiTTer” under “Settings” -> “Hardware Data Source”, then simply search for the blueReader under “Bluetooth Scan” and wait until the first values arrive. If necessary, select “Start sensor” in the main menu and enter a calibration value.

For iOS I will publish in the next days more Information.