current Firmware

Way too late, but finally here, a new Firmware for the blueReader 🙂
To install the Firmware, please follow these Steps:

  1. Download from the Android PlayStore / Apple AppStore the App nRF Toolbox: Apple:
  2. Load the file to the phone (the complete, not extracted,  zip-file) to the phone:
    Apple: Connect the iPhone with iTunes and load the file via iTunes->iPhone->File Sharing->nrfToolbox die Datei:

    1. Apple procedure with pictures:
    2. Android: Just download the file on the phone.
  3. Shutdown blueReader, hold the power button until it shuts down.
  4. Bring the blueReader into the Flash-Mode: Hold down the power button until the red LED lights and the green LED blinks.
  5. Open the App nRF Toolbox and choose entry “DFU”.
  6. Via “Select File” choose the firmware file.
  7. Via “Select Device” choose the blueReader.
  8. Start the transfer via “Upload”. Some messages will show up and a progress bar should fill at the bottom on the screen. If its done a success message should appear. If it does not work, please try again from Step 3.

The blueReader should be now up to date 🙂

Changes to the Firmware:

  • Startup should be improved, resulting in lesser “ugly State” messages in  xDrip+.