Another status update

With today’s ready-packed devices, now 34 blueReaders have been shipped and actually one has already been exchanged.

All who are waiting now: It’s going forward! Every day we are getting slightly better, find new details in production and continue to optimize!

Actually, we had hoped for 5-10 devices a day, but unfortunately we do not make it yet :/ Why?


  • Problems in potting and a possibly poor batch of silicone have generated almost 30 damaged blueReaders we needed to unpack and prepare for another round..
  • Due to too much use of release agents during soldering, components on almost 20 boards were damaged, all had to be checked manually and defective components replaced.
  • Poor pigments have led to bleed out of colors from some blueReaders.
  • A few changed details in the components of the blueReader, which help us to improve the current flow while charging, required a revision on nearly 40 blueReader boards and almost all wireless loader boards that had already been manufactured.

So as always: plenty to do 🙂

Also at the software I am still working on, unfortunately still not completely presentable, but hopefully more in the next days …

The current state is that we still have problems with few devices on Android 7. However, it is still not quite clear whether there are errors in xDrip+ or the Android or something else. But we’re working on it!

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2 thoughts on “Another status update”

  1. Hi Sandra:
    Three questions:
    1. When do you expect to release an iPhone app?
    2. Is the current code open source, and if so, where is it published?
    3. What is needed to put one’s own code on the blueReader?

    1. Hi,
      1) still working on the iPhone app, but will be released soon.
      2) we are checking some Details if we can openSource it completly or need to change some parts prior, but it will be released soon, including blueprints and all the infos that make up a blueReader.
      3) You need a working build environment based on gcc and and the old version of nrfutil (prior to signed update packages)

      more informations about setting up the build environment with eclipse integration can be found here:

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