at the eleventh hour…

Probably some might ask what’s going on. The campaign is almost over and no new information?!? Why?!?

The answer is quite simple: I had huge problems with the project! As I already said in the last post, I can not longer use the mbed system and had to cope with gcc and a pure open source setup. That was quite complicated and tedious, but worked at a certain point.

Unfortunately, no reason to cheer 🙁 Still nothing, of what I had previously written for the prototype, worked with the new environment…

But with a lot of research, even more cursing, coffee and many experiments, I was able to approach the very different issues and a resolve one by one!

Today it finally happened:

img_6488 img_6489 img_6492 img_6495 img_6497 img_6501The prototype could finally be packaged in a housing again and Testing started …

img_6506And the prototype provided data! The app shown is xDrip plus with a few minor modifications be able to display the blueReader data without its own app or library . The blueReader runs an adaptation of Jörn LimiTTer software and uploads the data into my personal NightScout instalment.

Now, somebody might think: Did she not promised to develop a blueReader app? Yes I did and i plan to do so, or maybe extensions to xDrip and a corresponding iOS software to view the data without NightScout and co and to generate proper reports! But for now and due the lack of time and I have chosen the fastest alternative for now, to be able to see if the prototype is now running well.

Since it was impractical to use with all the wires sticking out, I wrapped it again:

img_6510 img_6511 img_6514 img_6515And now I am curious if it is reliably and can deliver all the values of this night.

Ho will the blueReader project continue?

  1. The campaign is almost over, and unfortunately not half of the money is yet there. I am in talks with  Startnext, if we can extend the campaign, as I think now, with the working prototype, it might get more interesting for more supporters. Secondly, I am discussing options with my engineer about how we can further save money.
  2. We are preparing another prototype. This one will be smaller and more flat, because we have an opportunity to integrate the antenna for the charger into the motherboard. In addition, we may have a solution to integrate the NFC antenna as a flexible part, sticking out the motherboard. However, there are still a few experiments and information needed to decide on this.
  3. With the current, running software, I will hopefully proceed more quickly in my schedule and might have the opportunity to release quick updates to the functions and apps. The next targets are now:
    1. Integration of the reminding Hardware of the blueReaders (currently, the off button and batteries status are not yet integrated into the software).
    2. Editing and saving of Settings within the blueReader.
    3. libBlueReader for iOS.
    4. libLibre for iOS.
    5. An app with basic functionality for iOS.
    6. Android-Version of the software.

Still, a lot to do 🙂

Thanks with love to all current supporters! You are great! Please keep advertising for this project, and lets hope we can make it through!

For all interested people: Here it goes to the support page…

Do you have any questions? Do you need clarifications or do you have suggestions? Please write me! Either here, in my comments, or via Facebook, Twitter or email. I try to answer all requests as soon as possible 🙂

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