Die Firma wird…


blueToolz UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) wird nun die Firma sein, die offiziell den blueReader weiter entwickeln wird.

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  1. Hi, I hope that English works fine, as my German is quite limited. I have anyhow been able to follow you throughout the development and I have a comment, question and an idea. As a long time diabetic (26 yrs), and long term user of CGM (Medtronic, Dex) and Libre I see the design/size of the reader as the biggest problem, similar to the LimiTTER – is it possible to bend the board or create a sandwich board as Dex has done in order to decrease the area? If I would do it I would aim at creating something that looks like a post-it pad with a round imprint on the side which is going towards the sensor, on which a double fixing tape could be placed and which would then „close in“ the sensor, while the top side could be kept flat, as a post-it. Pls contact me if you would like me to send you a drawing of the idea.
    Second idea – think of waterproofness already now, from the beginning as that is one big argument with a product like this.
    Third – regarding the battery, how safe is it to have the lypo battery on the arm? I have heard that they can burst into flames quite easily and should not be kept close to the body.

    Wishing you all the success with the product. I most likely be one of the first buyers.

    1. Hi Bojan,
      Currently we discuss different options for the final design. There will be more about design choices, requirements due to antenna design and energy soon.
      As we plan to embed the whole device into medical grade silicon, it will be waterproof.
      The current prototype, build with freely available parts, contains a standard 240mAh lipo, just wrapped with insulation tape and I wear it now for about three months without problems. Two times it got really wet as I forgot to put it down before taking a shower. However, we haven’t finalized the design yet and maybe we will include another type of batterie.

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