News about the software

Today I was able to upload the next version of the openLibreReader software to Apple. All testers will receive the update in the next days automatically via TestFlight.

At the same time, I have released the software at for all, including the updated version.

What’s new:

  • LimiTTer support
  • TodayWidget with current glucose and history
  • resolves a bug with the inital value of “no Data”-Alarm which was to low with 2 minutes.

Next on software, it is the 1: 1  implementation for Android and adding further features, especially the calibration.

For the blueReaders, there are now exactly 17 left from the Crowdfunding, more information regarding the current production state I will receive tomorrow, I am very anxious about how fast we can start shipping to all the preorders 🙂

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