Today, almost half of the time for the Campaign has passed. 12 of 25 days are gone, and every day at least one person has pledged their support!

Thank you!!!

Unfortunately we are not yet at half of the goal, but perhaps all together we can bring this campaign through to the end!

What did I do in the meantime?

  • I had a lot trouble with the firmware. Originally we planned to test the current prototype this week extensivly. Especially we looked forward to see how long the battery holds out whether we can substain the desired 40 hours runtime, and if we can possibly use a smaller battery. What was so difficult about it? mied (The Plattform I wrote the Firmware with until now) changed a lot in the compiler system and it simply dös not work anymore. Then I experimented way too long before I realized that this probably won`t have a foreseeable future … Bad for the project, but at least a oppurtunity to switch to the openSource workflow with the gcc_arm compiler. Thus, I can then provide a virtual machine for any interested person to create their own firmware later. I think I will finish the Sporting to the new compiler this weekend and start with the delayed tests by next week. If this works out, then I can finally make the wisset for live video, with a sensor on my arm, a blueReader at the sensor and my phone which displays the values!
  • At least I used some time lost on the software for creating a new housing for the prototype:
    First, a draft of the prototype hardware in a 3D-Tool:
    Afterwards directly to the 3D printer, unfortunately with little success: img_0090
    The measurements did not fit quite…img_0091
    And another attempt, this time with generous amounts of material, to get the walls not to thin again:img_0094 img_0096 img_0102 img_0101
    That is the current prototype, and what you need to know about it:
  1. The board is still larger than really required because a few millimeters in width can be ommited, once we arrange the components slightly differently and replace the cable eyes for initial programming of the system with contacts.
  2. The front part with the antennas for the NFC communication and the wireless charger is much too thick, currently both antennas require together around 3mm in height. But we have prepared much thinner and flexible antennas for the next iteration.
  3. The length could also be reduced even by up to 4mm, as currently the converter for the wireless power receiver is still an extra board in front of the motherboard.
  4. The wall thickness of silicon will be significantly lower. Because of the stability in the 3D printing I had to make all the walls at least 1mm thick.
  5. The cables, which are still hanging out of the case, are there to operate the system without using the wireless charger, that’s only for the current development phase.

At least, I have now a case which protects the system rudimentary. It is not blue (as you would expect in blueReader), but my pinkReader 😛

I hope that this project can continue and you all diligently spread the word about this project!


Questions and answers…

Since there were some reoccuring questions about this project, I tried to list the most frequently asked questions with their answers: blue reader questions and answers

About 20% percent have already been raised! I hope that the remaining almost 80% are going to come, too 🙂 However, it’s insanely great to see that you want to support this project! Many thanks to all current and future supporters!

What are the news from the prototype? There are some! I am currently working deep within the software for the blueReader. Next week are more functional test scheduled and hopefully I can share some of the first images of a complete prototype. I could indeed now, but it still looks a bit wild 🙂

Additionally I can tell you already the following: The experiments with the wireless charging system were a great success! The system works as we had hoped for it 🙂

The posts are now published on Facebook on its own page for the blueReader: https://www.facebook.com/blueReaderFunding



Over 10% of target are already collected on http://startnext.de/bluereader within the first day.

I would never had expected such a response !

Thanks to all supporters!

Up to the end of the campaign, I will continue to try to report regularly on the progress in the development.

Yesterday, the first units of the wireless charging system have arrived. As you can see the tiny board inserts exactly into the system and the antenna is not too large.

Now some tests are needed to see how Powerful this system is and if nothing blocks the usage of these components.

The current goal is to finish a complete board, with battery, charger and NFC Antenne within the week and test it thoroughly then.

After that, it is mostly about the further development of the software and to some small details to the hardware.

If everything fits nicely, we will hopefully have the first complete device ready for embedding into the silicon next week. With that we will hopefully get a better understanding of the possible dimensions and the shape of the housing!