openLibreReader and status

openLibreReader und Status

today , finally new updates 🙂

Production is now in full swing again after we were overrun at the beginning of December by the DHL strike followed by the Christmas chaos :/

In the next days I will ship the last orders from December and invite more  pre-orders to checkout.

As some have already noted, the openLibreReader app is about to expire, but a new one is already available from Apple and is already waiting more than 2 days for a review.
Before I was able to translate from the german text, i got the mail confirmation that the app has been reviewed and everybody can now update to version 1.0.2.
Please don’t be scared, the version has a bug and no longer displays a TodayWidget. The bugfix is ​​also already for review at Apple, but I have not yet put it into the review to get the current review as fast as possible to TestFlight and I have already committed it to the review process.

What comes with the new version?

Simple AppleWatch support

  • Simple AppleWatch support
    This one is not great yet, but I can not test it myself, as I do not have an AppleWatch yet (please continue to donate a ) .
  • New calibration: linear regression
    Now you can enter the slope and the intersection for an adjustment of the values.
  • Improved reconnect
    The app should now reconnect more reliably to the blueReader or a LimiTTer, if the connection was lost.
  • Improvements in translation.

For all those interested in DIY, all sources are also available at There, the build errors have been fixed and now all needed pods have been added to the repository.

A big thank you goes to the user GerritR for the calibration and the watch support! And of course to all testers who have given me feedback (none of it is lost, I will add your suggestions gradually!).

Also a huge thank you to, Masterplexus, who does not only help voluntarily here in the Support Forum, but has also done a lot of great things with xDrip+. In the current nightly builds you get a much better support and the correct battery indicator for the blueReader, too 🙂


  1. If the App shows a white page once you click on a calibration, please close the app (double tap homebutton and slide it out), restart app and it should work again. Will be fixed with the next update.
  2. The font on the watchApp might be to big for mg/dl display.
  3. Add SweetReader support

folge dem Wert…

Heute erreichten mich auch nachfragen zu dem Thema:

Wie kann ich die Werte auf einem anderen Gerät verfolgen?

Für ein lokales Netzwerk geht das recht einfach zwischen zwei Android Handys. Dazu einfach einen Blick in die Video-Anleitung von jamorhan werfen:

Wenn es auch über das Internet gehen soll oder mit iOS, dann muss man Nightscout benutzen. Ein Diabetes-Management-System in der Cloud. Eine ausführliche deutsche Anleitung gibt es unter zu finden, inklusive des Einrichtens der xDrip-App um die Daten in die Cloud zu bekommen. Für die iOS-blueReader-App wird dies analog sein.

Um den Daten dann zu folgen gibt es neben der eigenen NightScout-Webseite auch verschiedene Apps:

Beispiele fĂĽr iOS:

Beispiele fĂĽr Android: