The journey begins…

The production is going well and the first new blueReader are ready!

Slowly we are getting the hang of it 🙂

In the last production cycles, a problem with the battery emerged, where it breaks sometimes apart from the pcb  and tears the antenna cable from the pcb : / But those will be exchanged, fortunately, no complete loose and the current casting method looks a lot nicer than the old one 🙂

Eleven new ones have already been sent out, including the first four preorders!

Currently 44 people have an invitation to finally order their device and get it delivered before Christmas 🙂 The 10 next pre-ordered devices will be shipped later this week.

In addition, we have modified the case, now it has much more space to accommodate the USB connector and the holder has also been made a little thicker, as it has been broken in some occasions.

What else is in the news?

Shortly we will also offer tapes, but we will show that when it’s done 🙂

I would like to add to the Apple App openLibreReader real Watch functions and if possible also a stand-alone function to read and push the data to nightscout. All I need is a watch that I do not have. That’s why there is a donation call to finance an Apple Watch:

That’s it for updates for today, hopefully there will be more news soon 🙂

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